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and ○feel the rap●id changes tha◆t are happening 〓there, he s〓aid.Wang note〓d that the mutual 〓understanding● between t●he two peoples ha■s been deepening. Wi■th more an●d more commu○nications wi○th eac

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Japanese youth■ wrote to Chi■nese President X■i Jinping about● his own exp●erience from never ■knowing Ch〓ina to fall〓ing in love with● the country●, expressi○ng strong d◆esire and belief i■n helping promot●e China-Japan frie●ndship, Wang ○said. Preside●nt Xi sent a ●reply to him, ho〓ping

that the● youth of the t

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w●o countries 〓will make posi●tive contri●butions to the〓 bright future◆ of bila


teral rela〓tions.Meanwhile, 〓people-to-people a○nd cultura〓l exchanges betw○een the two countr○ies have become m●ore colorful w■ith increasing exc◆hanges of boo●ks, films and TV■ programs, s●aid Wang. A〓s Tokyo an●d Beijing will h●ost the Ol●ympic Games next ye◆ar and the Wi○nter Olymp●ics in 2022 ■respectively, h●e called on the tw■o sides to stre■ngthen mutual◆ support and ○cooperation to en◆sure the success● of the events.Wa○ng str

esse●d that to promot●e people-t〓o-people excha■nges betwe●en China and J◆apan, the two pe■oples are t〓he real protag〓onists, and ○the local are■as are broad stag●es while th〓e youth ar■e the hope for t●he future. The two s◆ides should ●work together〓 to usher in a new○ era of exchanges b●etween peo○ples, localities and〓 youth.More th◆an 200 offici●als and celebri■ties from all○ walks of l◆ife of the two coun●tries attended th○e rece

ption, includ○ing former

■Japanese Prime ■Minister Yasuo F○ukuda, Japanes●e Foreign Ministe●r Toshimit◆su Motegi, Edu○cation

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■echatDemocratic ◆presidenti〓al candidates cl●ashed in a debate ov〓er the future of he◆althcare in Ameri●ca, racial ineq●uality and thei●r ability to■ build a winning 〓coalition to take ◆on U.S. President ◆Donald Trump ne〓xt year.Democrats sp■ar over healthca■re, how to ◆beat TrumpDem■ocrats spar over h○ealthcare, how to■ beat

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Trump11-22-201■9 10:00 BJTDemo〓cratic presidentia■l candidates◆ clashed in a debat●e over the ●future of healthcare◆ in America, ra●cial inequali○ty and their ab●ility to build a win■ning coalition● to take on U.S.◆ President 〓Donald Trump 〓next year.The Wed●nesday night

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